Name: Ozone Endurance Challenge (#O72)

Directors: General RD: Will Jorgensen, Assistant RD: Gail Jorgensen


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Fees: See registration at Ultrasignup link above

The Race

Dates: June 1-2-3-4, 2017

Location: Camp Ozone, 232 Camp Road, Rockwood, Tennessee

Events: 6 hour, 12 hr day, 12 hr night, 24 hr, 36 hr, 48 hr, 72 hr TIMED races

Timed Course: 1 mile loop around lake with 1/2 mile out-and-1/2 mile back along Fall Creek above the lake

Course Certification: Pending

Elevation Gain: approximately 60 feet per mile

Time Zone: All times are Eastern Time Zone (your phone may try to be in Central Time Zone and you may need to override it)

Race Vision: Bring your family or friends with you for a weekend where you run as much as you desire, spend time with your peeps, and interact with fellow runners. There are family activities and meals available for those who are not running.

Race Description: There will be 6 hour, 12 hour day, 12 hour night, 24 hour, 36 hour, 48 hour, and 72 hour timed races. Pick your time and run or walk as much or as little as you like. You compete against the people in your time slot. Different race lengths will start at different times, so people finish closer to the same time. When you are done running, we encourage you to stay around to cheer on others and enjoy the camp facilities. There will be an awards celebration Sunday at 11:30 a.m. followed by a barbeque lunch for all finishers who selected it during online registration.

Location: The camp is ten miles from Rockwood, Tennessee and about a mile from Ozone Falls. (We encourage everyone to stop and see these beautiful falls while here.) Crossville, Tennessee is 17 miles away. Camp Ozone, a summer camp, is owned by Children's Bible Ministries.

Nearest Airport: Knoxville (McGhee Tyson) (about 1 hour away)

Camp Rules
No guns, no alcohol, no smoking, no pets. NONE!!
Fires only in designated fire rings.
We don't make the rules, but we will respect and follow them. Thank you for your cooperation.

Camp/Course Map: See last page

Course Information
The entire timed course is on the Camp Ozone property. The course is a one mile loop around the lake with a one mile total out-and-back spur. (The spur may be dropped if the course becomes significantly muddy.) The total distance is about two miles long. The surface is about 2/3rds double track wooded trail. The rest is gravel with a grassy shoulder to run on if preferred. The race will start/finish in front of the camp lodge. The trail will be marked with reflective markers hanging at eye level. The main aid station and camp area will have lights. The trail is not lit. You will need a good, reliable light source.

What's Included
Bib (with timing chip)
Tech T-shirt
Cooler bag and decal/sticker
Supported race on looped course
Aid station access
Results uploaded to UltraSignup and UltraRunning Magazine
Certification (pending)
Professional chip time with live links
Use of the camp facilities for you and your family/crew
Evening campfires if possible
Physical therapist (donations suggested)
Finisher's award(s) (medal)
50 mile and 100 mile awards in addition to finisher's award
Sunday barbeque (free to runners who selected it during online registration)
Games: 9 square, dodge ball, cornhole
Activities on the lake: paddleboats, swimming, canoeing, fishing (if you have TN license)

Available for pre-purchase during online registration:
Meals at the lodge for you and/or your family/crew
Hostel style lodging

Lodging Options:
Your car - free
Your tent - $8 / night
Your RV (no hookups, no electricity) - $15 / night
A bed in one of the camp hostel style cabins - $15 / night / person
A hotel room in Rockwood or Crossville - do a search

Campers may wash dishes in the lodge during hours when the cook is out of the kitchen. Those hours will be posted.

RV, Tent, Hostel Set-up: Seventy two (72) hour runners may set up tents or move in after 5 PM Wednesday. Forty eight (48) hour runners may set up tents or move in after 5 p.m. on Thursday. Prepaid meals are provided starting Thursday.

Other runners may set up tents or move in after 11 a.m. Friday. Please arrive before 7 pm. on Friday if you are staying the weekend and need to set up.

Six hour and 12 hour day people....plan to return on Sunday or stay for the weekend. Volunteer, hang out by the course and cheer others, enjoy the campfire, and enjoy the camp activities. You can leave, of course, but we really want everyone to enjoy the entire weekend, if you so desire.

Parking Permit:
Check out the parking map at the bottom. There are specific areas for cabins, RVs, campers, and then general parking. Upon arriving, please park in your specific area. Then walk to the lodge for check-in. Those in cabins, RV spots, and camping will receive a parking permit at check-in.

If you are driving an RV, please do not continue past the Fall Creek Bridge at the upper end of the lake. (There are no good turn around points past there!) Proceed back and find an RV spot along side the lake/road. Then walk to the Lodge on the other side of the lake and check in.

Please be VERY respectful of the camp property. Avoid rutting or otherwise damaging grass and other areas. If it has been raining and/or the ground is soft, you may be instructed to park in alternate areas that are further from the course. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Race Check-in
Prior to each race beginning about 90 minutes before race start. Closing 30 minutes before race start. Everyone, including your guests, will need to sign our waiver.

Start: In front of Lodge. The race director will give a few announcements before the start.

Race Schedule
Start Time Finish Time
72 hour Thurs, 10 am Sun, 10 am
48 hour Fri, 10 am Sun, 10 am
36 hour Fri, 9pm Sun, 9am
12 hour DAY Sat, 8 am Sat, 8 pm
24 hour Sat, 9 am Sun, 9 am
6 hour Sat, 10 am Sat, 4 pm
12 hour NIGHT Sat, 9 pm Sun, 9 am

Campfire each evening -- Thur, Fri, Sat from 8 pm to 10 pm (near the aid station) eather permitting

Lake Activities: (Except swimming) Thur, Fri, Sat, 9 am to 5 pm & Sun 9 am to ??

Swimming: Sat. 2-4 pm (at boat dock, with wrist band, onlywhile paid lifeguards are on duty)

Barbeque: Sun, 11:30 AM

Recognitions: Sun, 11;45 am in the lodge

Family time: Sun afternoon 12:30 pm until ?? pm-- enjoy the camp and lake

Each runner will have a bib number. Bibs must be visible at all times. If you put it on wrong, under something, cut it, tear it, fold it, etc. then your miles may not count!

Wilson Timing Company will be providing chip timing with live results for the entire 72 hours. They will also have a leader board showing placements.

In addition to the timing mat at the start, there is one at the beginning of the Fall Creek Trail out-and-back section. You must cross both of these timing mats for each loop to count.

If you are going "off course" to sleep in your tent, cabin, or vehicle, you MUST sign out on the TAKING A BREAK clipboard in the timing area, and then sign back in when you start again. This lets the timer know why there might be huge gaps of time between laps. During your event time, you may not leave Camp Ozone for any reason unless you are officially stopping AND have signed the FINISHED clipboard.

There will be first aid supplies at the main aid station. All major medical emergencies will be reported to 911.

Race Rules:
Only complete laps count. There is no credit for partial laps. Your distance is based on the number of completed 2 mile laps within the time you registered for.

Final results will be calculated based on each runner’s total mileage at the call time as determined by that runner’s last completed lap.

If you are struggling at any point in the run, race officials will have the right to evaluate you, and it will be their call if you will be allowed to continue. These decisions will be made with your safety and desire to finish in mind.

If you decide you are done running/walking/crawling before your time is up, come in to the start/finish area, tell the timing staff and sign the FINISHED clipboard. Your decision is final.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, course cutting, littering, or violation of any of the camp rules or any of the policies set forth here will be grounds for disqualification.

Aid Station:
There will be one fully stocked aid station at the start location next to the lodge. You will pass by this aid station every two miles.

There will be plenty of typical race foods available. Water and sports drink (Tailwind and Gu Brew), gels, salty items, cookies, fruit, pickles, potatoes/salt, PB&J and PB&H, ice, etc. and a few specialty items. If you have special dietary needs/electrolyte drinks/etc, please plan to bring your own food/nutrition.

We also have a few runner necessities available: Vaseline, electrolytes, pain relievers, etc. Please bring what you feel is essential for you. If we don't have it, and you didn't bring it, DON'T complain. Know what you need to run in crazy circles for the length of time you signed up for.

Cups: This is a cup free race. Runners provide their own hydration systems.

Lights: This is a NON lighted course. Runners provide their own lighting system.

Hazards: Ticks (tiny and big). Sometimes LOTS of them! (Bring insect repellent. Check your body carefully.) Also poison ivy and snakes (including poisonous). No Bigfoots have been sighted yet!

Personal Aid Stations/Drop Bags:
Runners will be allowed to set up personal aid stations at their tent site or alongside the course in a designated area. (Depending on where you park, your car may not be next to the course.) We will have an area designated for crews to set up beside the course not far past the main aid station. First come, first served. You can put up pop-up canopies (no cars allowed in this area).

Non-Runner Support:
Parking and non-runner support is VERY limited! We welcome you to bring your family and /or crew, but please don't invite your entire running club to come cheer you on. Now if they will sign up for one or more volunteer slots, bring everyone you can! ☺

Runners may have crew support every lap. All crew MUST sign a waiver at the lodge.

You are allowed one pacer with you at anytime while you are officially still on the course. They must be within your sight at all times. Pacers are for moral support only and for guidance if you start to hallucinate. NO MULING! You still need to carry your own stuff. Ask for a Pacer Bib for your pacer at check-in. One pacer bib per runner. All pacers MUST sign a waiver.

Without volunteers, this event wouldn’t happen. Please encourage all your friends/family/etc to come support you and event for at least one or more time slots. Especially the hardest ones to fill early on and during the night. A huge thanks!
Here’s the link:

Finisher awards for all who participate and finish at least one loop -- if you are unable to stay for the awards ceremony, ask for your award before leaving.

All finishers (1+ laps!!) Medal

50+ miles Logoed drink mug

100+ miles 100 mile custom buckle with personalized race info (sample displayed at race, custom buckle mailed one to two months later)

Overall Awards
We will list Top Male and Female in each race group. You compete against others in the same time slot. We will have some prizes for overall winners but we are not doing physical awards for the overall placements.

Family Activities
There are things for children and family members to do. The camp has a game area, corn hole, and lake activities -- paddleboating, canoeing, and swimming. The lake is stocked with bass, blue gill and catfish. (All catfish are catch and release.) You may fish with a valid Tennessee fishing license. Bring your own fishing gear.

We will provide meals at the lodge to runners, crew, and families who pre-purchased meal tickets during the online registration process.

Child Care
Not provided.

Restroom facilities inside the lodge and port-a-johns outside and at the runner self-support area. There are no additional restrooms around the loop.

Showers: Limited availability in cabins (look for signs or ask staff)

Electric outlets: None on course
Charging center in the lodge (unsupervised)

Cell phone service: Most services usually work, but not guaranteed.

Internet Access: None. Enjoy being unplugged.

Physical Therapist: Available on-site free of charge - donations accepted

Gear Swap Table: Available in the lodge

Nearest Stores:
Convenience stores Crab Orchard - 6 miles
Walmart (24 hr) Rockwood - 10 miles, Crossville - 17 miles

None....but if you sign up, you agree that you are responsible for planning your training, gear, hydration, and fueling. Your lack of preparation or running knowledge is NOT the race director's, volunteers, or anyone else’s fault. You should know how to doctor basic running blisters. Come prepared.

If you sign up, you agree to READ the written information and the emails from the director. AND you agree not to whine. We will be encouraging and helpful. We will not hold your hand or have volunteers every 10 yards holding supplies for you, giving you a hug, tending to your every wish, and offering a teddy bear to console you. ☺

Contact Information
If you have any additional questions, please EMAIL: As soon as we are able, we will reply with short, straight forward answers to questions that are NOT answered in this document.

There will likely be changes that we decide to make before, during, and/or after the event. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Last, but not least........
We are all here to have a great time. Do your best anti-rain/heat dance, and get ready for a running PAR-TAY!!!

Ozone 72 Schedule
All times are EST - Eastern Standard NOT Central
Pre-race announcements at start 5 minutes before each race

Pre-paid MEALS @ Lodge
Breakfast 7:30-8:15, Lunch 12-12:45, Dinner 5:30-6:15

Wed - May 31
After 5 pm Wed night campers may set up

Thur - June 1
8:30 am Check-in open until 9:30 am
9 am Lake open for activities during day (except swimming)
Fishing available if you have a TN fishing license.
10 am 72 hour race START
After 5 pm Thur night campers may set up
8 pm Campfire (if someone volunteers to start it)

Fri - June 2
8:30 am Check-in open until 9:30 am
9 am Lake open for activities during day (except swimming)
Fishing available if you have a TN fishing license.
10 am 48 hour race START
After 11 am Fri night campers may set up (and before 7 pm please)
8 pm Campfire (if someone volunteers to start it)
9 pm 36 hour race START

Sat - June 3
6:30 am Check-in open until 9:30 am
8 am 12 hour DAY race START
9 am 24 hour race START
9 am Lake open for activities during day (except swimming)
Fishing available if you have a TN fishing license.
10 am 6 hour race START
2-4 pm Swimming at boat dock- lifeguard on duty - wear prepaid band
4 pm END for 6 hour race
8-8:30 Check-in for 12 hour NIGHT race
8 pm END for 12 hour DAY race
8 pm Campfire (if someone volunteers to start it)
9 pm 12 hour NIGHT race START

Sun - June 4
9 am END for 12 hour NIGHT, 24 hour, and 36 hour races
10 am END for 48 hour and 72 hour races
Time to get showered / cleaned up
11:30 am Barbeque and recognitions
Afternoon enjoy the camp and lake (except swimming)

Directional Map
Directional Map

Camp Layout
Camp Layout